Vocal Support is a not-for-profit booster club managed by choir parent volunteers.  We are a registered 501(c)3 organization.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support the growth and development of Minnetonka choir students and directors from elementary school through high school.  We do that by engaging in select activities to raise funds and by partnering closely with our Minnetonka choir directors to understand unmet needs in the choir community.   Funds from all activities go directly to help your kids and the choir program, including travel, learning and scholarship opportunities for students, and growth and enrichment opportunities for directors.



  • Grow Minnetonka school choir programs by increasing student participation.

  • Increase engagement and involvement in Minnetonka choir programs by students, parents, and members of the community.

  • Promote visibility of the vocal music program and its benefits.

  • Provide a communication link between directors and parents.

  • Provide financial assistance for choral programs and students.

  • Assist in facilitating choral activities.

By joining Vocal Support, you can help provide these great opportunities for your talented kids and the passionate staff who support them!


Executive Board

Vocal Support is managed by a group of 10-15 parent volunteers, most of whom have children in one of the many choirs across the school district. The board meets monthly throughout the school year.


  • RANDA SCHUSTER, President


  • CHRIS GIMSE, Treasurer

  • JANE BRYANT, Fundraising Chair

  • JON WIERSUM, Marketing Advisor

  • CARI LINDBERG, Membership Co-Chair

  • JESSICA CARROLL, Membership Co-Chair

  • JENNIFER WIZBOWSKI, Grants and Scholarships

  • JILL & TIM HOWE, Robes & Ushers Coordinators