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Dedicated to offering the highest level of choral education and performance.

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Vocal Support for Minnetonka Choirs is a not-for-profit booster club managed by choir parent volunteers.  Our mission is to support the growth and development of Minnetonka choir students, directors, and community from elementary through high school.  By joining Vocal Support, you can help provide great opportunities for your talented kids and the passionate staff that supports them!


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You are invited to join the MHS music community (orchestra, band and choir) for dinner at Maynard’s Restaurant in Excelsior on Sunday, February 24th. Money raised will help students through grants, master classes, scholarships, teacher enrichment and more.  Maynard’s offers an amazing dinner menu, including gluten-free options.

 Please reserve your table or take-out by filling out the registration form and returning it to your choir teacher ASAP (by Friday 2/15 at the latest). Or registration is also available via a Google on-line form right here Then, please help us get the word out by inviting others to join you (their reservation forms can be turned in along with yours and sent to aaronkohrs@minnetonkaschools.org.)   

This is an easy, fun and delicious way to support MHS’s fabulous music programs!

Did you know you can support Minnetonka Choirs through Amazon? Please enroll in the Amazon Smile program. More details available at: Amazon Smile


Minnetonka has a proud vocal music tradition and one of Minnesota's strongest grade 5-12 choral programs. Minnetonka Choirs offer the highest level of education and performance and the opportunity to be part of a very special community of students engaged in creative expression while forming new friendships.  Learn more >>