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Dedicated to offering the highest level of choral education and performance.

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Be A part of a legacy

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Vocal Support for Minnetonka Choirs is a not-for-profit booster club managed by choir parent volunteers.  Our mission is to support the growth and development of Minnetonka choir students, directors, and community from elementary through high school.  By joining Vocal Support, you can help provide great opportunities for your talented kids and the passionate staff that supports them!


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Thanks for your generous support of Jungle & Mingle 2018! What a wonderful evening! Read more about the event and our fantastic sponsors here: Jingle & Mingle 2018

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Minnetonka has a proud vocal music tradition and one of Minnesota's strongest grade 5-12 choral programs. Minnetonka Choirs offer the highest level of education and performance and the opportunity to be part of a very special community of students engaged in creative expression while forming new friendships.  Learn more >>